ResurFACE Fractional Laser
Duetto MT Laser

Voted the UK's No.1
Aesthetic Treatment 2014

ResurFACE Fractional Laser

♦  Scarring
♦  Resurfacing
♦  Fine Lines
♦  Minimal Downtime
♦  Congestion
♦  Alternative to co
♦  Stretch Marks
♦  Skin Rejuvenation
♦  Wrinkles
♦ Sun Damage
♦  Pigmentation
♦  Skin Tightening
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Dark Skins? Fine Hair? Solution

Recommended by VOGUE 2015: 


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24 Revenue Streams in One System

♦  Acne
♦  Resurfacing
♦  Tattoo Removal
♦  Deep Veins
♦  Scarring
♦  Unwanted Hair
♦  Fungal Nail Reduction
♦  Skin Rejuvenation
♦  Wrinkles
♦ Sun Damage
♦  Pigmentation
♦  Skin Tightening
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New & Powerful IPL from The UK’s No.1 

  Hair Removal
 Port Wine Stains
  Red Veins
♦  Skin Rejuvenation
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20 years expertise in aesthestic technologyThe UK's No.1 Laser & IPL Manufacturer

Since 1994 we’ve been providing exceptional, medically graded systems with unrivalled after-sales support in the areas of Laser, IPL and aesthetic technology.  

Innovative design and manufacturing, combined with a commitment to our customers, has led to our reputation as the  UK’s premier supplier of aesthetic technology to salons, private clinics and the NHS.   

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Tatttoo Removal Masterclass
More Info01/06/2015 - Lynton Clinic, Cheadle

Core of Knowledge (in conjunction with the University of Manchester)
More Info10/06/2015 - MSE Meeting Rooms, London

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