Dr Askari Townshend Discusses 3JUVE at FACE 2016


Dr Askari Townshend at FACE 2016 talking Lynton 3JUVE

Askari Townshend at FACE 2016

The Clinical & Financial Benefits of New Multi-Technology Treatments 

 by Dr Askari Townshend 

17.10-17.30 | Friday 17th June 2016 

As a qualified doctor and medial aesthetic practitioner, Dr Askari Townshend has spent over a decade working with numerous types of anti-ageing treatments and procedures; here, he will discuss the new 3JUVE multi-technology device and its benefits to ageing skin.

Dr Askari will share his thoughts on why it is important to treat a patient’s skin on a case-by-case basis, and why using different technologies in varying proportions is vital in achieving a natural-looking anti-ageing result.
He will go onto explain how the three different technologies of Resurface, Remodel and Rebright all work in combination to deliver optimum stimulation of the dermis and epidermis and why this helps tackle the key signs ageing skin can exhibit.  

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