How to Order Lynton Skincare?

Lynton laser aftercare cooling and soothing serum with Lynton spf 50 laser cream

Online or by phone...

Our exclusive skincare range is available to order either online via the Customer Support Portal or by simply calling our Skincare Orderline: +44 (0) 1477 536 975

Please note that for all orders placed via our Customer Support Portal will require you to set up an account; this is very quick and easy to do with just a couple of your details required to enable us to verify you as a Lynton Customer. 

Any orders for non-Lynton customers will be required to call the Skincare Orderline. For any special offers or vouchers, please call the Skincare Orderline to redeem your discount.
Lynton Skincare Webiste laser after care serum

"LIGHT PROTECT is light on the skin, not greasy, it’s not just a sun block it’s a really good moisturiser! It smells good and isn’t heavy perfumed for my delicate skin.”
NHS Sunscreen suncream Lynton Lightprotect
NHS Rosacea Patient, 2016

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