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New IPL Eyewear That Removes the Need to 'Blink'

Key Features


Lynton Lasers Ltd are the UK Distributor for the Swiss-made M3 Medical Smartglass IPL Eyewear. Practitioners will be familiar with the basic problem with standard IPL Eyewear - it’s either so dark that you can’t see what you’re doing, or it’s not dark enough, meaning that it is essential to blink every time an IPL pulse or pulse train is fired off.

Well, with the M3 Medical Smartglass Eyewear - NO MORE BLINKS.

The patented liquid-crystal technology of the M3 Medical Smartglass Eyewear means that the eyewear “blinks” for you when an IPL pulse or pulse-train is fired off. This affords the practitioner total protection during a pulse or pulse train, allows full visibility when a pulse or pulse train is NOT being fired off, and completely removes the requirement for you to remember to blink

New IPL Eye Wear with Auto-Blink Technology

Key Features

The new technology and superior design incorporated into the M3 Medical Smartglass IPL Eyewear confers the following advantages compared to other eyewear attempting the same type of effect:

Full-Colour Vision
- there is no dark-greenish hue obscuring your view of the treatment site, allowing for clearer, easier and more accurate treatments.

Stylish Design - you will feel good wearing this eyewear, not like a deep-sea diver or an alien.

Lightweight & Comfortable - the eyewear is very lightweight, and is therefore very comfortable to wear. There is no sensation that the eyewear is falling off your face all the time.

The M3 Medical Smartglass IPL Eyewear is appropriately CE-marked as PPE, can be fitted with stick-on “Hydrotac” bifocal lenses (see right) so that there is no need to worry about fitting the eyewear over prescription eyewear, is competitively priced and can be easily obtained from the online customer portal.

Detailed Specifications

Weight    42g
Closing time at 25o   0.25ms
Closed for (unless re-triggered)   ~200ms
Usable IPL Wavelength Range  380-2000nm
Storage & Usage Temp  -10oC to +40oC
Visible Light Transmittance 22%
Battery    3V Lithium Cell
Guarantee (breakage)   2 years
Lifetime (battery - typical)  5 years



Are you saying that I don’t need to blink at all with this eyewear?

Correct. The M3 Medical Smartglass gives you total protection during an IPL Pulse or Pulse Train. You will not need to blink. 

What about that first 0.25ms?

Don’t worry. The slight tint of the M3 eyewear (22% Visible Light Transmission) provides more than enough protection during that first 0.25ms.

So they stay closed for about 200ms and then open? What happens if another pulse comes along after, say, 190ms?

The eyewear will stay closed for an additional ~200us, starting from when that second pulse comes along. You will therefore remain completely protected.

What if I had an IPL System that operated at 5Hz – wouldn’t that mean I remained in total darkness?

Yes, it would – but does such an IPL System exist? Would you be able to use it safely and effectively if it did?

Will they fit over my large prescription eyewear?

No, it probably won’t (it will, however, fit over some very small prescription eyewear). That’s why there is an option to use it with (e.g.) “Hydrotac” Stick-on bifocal lenses. These are available in optical powers from 1.0 to 3.0 Diopter, so look at your latest eyewear prescription and buy and fit the appropriate lenses. 


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I really like the goggles , they are very light in weight and also very light to see out of".

Ruth Jones
The Laser Clinic North Wales

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