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Be the first to know about industry developments and receive expert advice from our team of doctors, physicists and aestheticians on some of the most frequently asked questions in the UK aesthetics industry. Our blogs discuss a range of 'Hot Topics', for example, talking possible changes in regulation right through to simple tips for better, safer treatments... 



SPF 50 Face Anti Ageing
“The importance of using a good SPF product all year round"

July 2017

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Adult Acne How to get rid of spots Lynton IPL
“Is the Level 4 qualification needed for Laser and IPL Practitioners?"

May 2017

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Adult Acne How to get rid of spots Lynton IPL
“How to get rid of spots” - A Quick Overview of Adult Acne

March 2017

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IPL Hair Removal Lynton how does IPL work
A Beginners Guide to How IPL Hair Removal Works?

December 2016

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Are picosecond lasers really the future of tattoo removal?

October 2016

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The Importance of Training in an Unregulated Industry

July 2016

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Skin Tightening Done the Non-invasive Way....

June 2016

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Find Out Why The “Natural Look” Is The New Anti-Ageing Trend! 

May 2016

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Find Out Why Your at Risk of Sun Damage -

Even in December!

April 2015

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Kardashians Favour Laser Skin Resurfacing

for Dramatic Rejuvenation 

March 2015

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Has the Pope Banned all Tattoos from

Vatican City?

February 2015

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Everyone’s talking about it. But what is 

a Collagen Stimulation treatment? 

January 2015

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Post LASER / IPL Treatment Advice- ever

had any side-effects after treatment?

December  2015

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Scarring and Tattoo Removal – The Facts 

November 2015

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