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Lynton Lumina Laser IPL Machine UK

Lynton laser aftercare cooling and soothing serum with Lynton spf 50 laser creamA Specialist Skincare Range to Aid All Aesthetic Skin Treatments

As the UK's No.1 aesthetic technologies manufacturer, our belief is that any cosmetic skin treatment should always be delivered alongside a suitable ongoing skincare regime. With over 25 years experience developing technology to improve skin health and appearance, we now also formulate our very own skincare range, helping fulfil the needs of our customers.

Our range consists of a selection of unique products that have all been formulated to work in synergy with any aesthetic treatment, enhancing treatment outcomes and long-term results.



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Lynton illumifacial treatment using IPL and Lynton SkincareThe illumiFacial®

illumiFacial® is the ‘next generation’ of the highly successful ‘Photofacial’ treatment, using a new and unique combination of specialist Lynton skincare together with our powerful, medical-grade Lynton IPL technology.

This quick and simple facial treatment dramatically improves skin tone and appearance, helping skin feel and look its best. To find out more about this new and exciting consumer treatment brand and how to introduce it within your business, please click the button below. 


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Refreshing and soothing facial cleanser Lynton skincare

1. Facial Cleanser

Refreshing & Soothing Daily Cleanser 

A refreshing and clarifying cleanser that penetrates into the pores, washing away surface impurities for a deep cleansing effect, which leaves the skin silky smooth:

 • Deep cleansing 

 • Non-comedogenic

 • Smoothing

 • Clarifying 

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Stem Cell serum for anti ageing and skin skincare Lynton

2. Tri-Fruit Acid Peel

A renewing & smoothing peel

Renews and smoothes skin texture, helping reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles and reducing the incidence of breakouts and blemishes.

 • Gentle but effective peel

 • Suitable for sensitive skins

 • Renewing

 • Smoothing

 • Restoring 

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Stem Cell serum for anti ageing and skin skincare Lynton

3. Stem Cell

Activated Stem Cell Serum 

A unique and patented anti-ageing serum, with a combination of three plant stem cells within an activated oxygen delivery system. Micro-formulated for deep penetration to increase proliferation of dermal fibroblasts for maximum collagen and elastin production:

 • Stimulates dermal regeneration

 • Boosts skin-cell renewal 

 • Repairs photo-ageing 

 • Stimulates cell metabolism 

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LIGHT SOOTHE after laser serum cooling Lynton


Advanced Post-Laser & IPL Serum

A unique soothing formula for post-laser/IPL treated skin, helping moisturise and calm irritation whilst promoting faster skin recovery:

 • Reduces redness

 • Cools & soothes irritation

 • Promotes faster skin recovery

 • Antibacterial

 • Moisturising

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LIGHT PROTECT SPF 50 Boots 5 star skincare laser


Year-Round Daily Protectant SPF 50

5-Star Boots accredited SPF 50, providing the ultimate daily protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays. This specialist formulation is also designed to protect and hydrate skin post-laser & IPL treatment.

• Specifically formulated to support LASER treatments

• A unique blend of physical & chemical SPFs

• Ultralight formulation with no chalky residue

• Intensely hydrating and aids skin repair

• Antioxidant-rich to counteract UV damage

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"LIGHT PROTECT is light on the skin, not greasy, it’s not just a sunblock it’s a really good moisturiser! It smells good and isn’t heavy perfumed for my delicate skin.”

The Making of Lynton Skincare

Lynton Stem Cell Serum UKAt Lynton, the foundations of our business have been built on improving the health and appearance of a patient’s skin, primarily through our range of aesthetic devices. As a world-leading manufacturer, doctors and clinicians regularly ask our recommendations for skincare products that are suitable for cooling, soothing and protecting sensitive skin during and after laser & IPL treatment. The problem we faced: there was no specific product to recommend.

As an award-winning innovator and with over 25 years dedicated to developing skin health & solution products, we decided the time was right to invest in formulating our own unique products which would be designed to provide the perfect pre- & post-treatment skin care regime for anyone undergoing laser & IPL treatment.

The Result: The Lynton Skincare Range.

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3 Simple Steps... 


1. LIGHT SOOTHE | Cool & Moisturise 

Apply LIGHT SOOTHE to the client’s skin immediately after their laser or IPL treatment to help calm any irritation and provide instant relief. Your client should continue to apply LIGHT SOOTHE serum to the treated area at least three times a day to help moisturise and encourage faster recovery.

3. LIGHT PROTECT 50 | Protect

Apply LIGHT PROTECT SPF a few minutes after the application of LIGHT SOOTHE and encourage daily use during and after treatment to protect treated and non-treated skin against harmful UVA & UVB rays and ensure the safety of your laser/IPL treatments.

3. Stem Cell | Stimulate 

Apply our activated Stem Cell serum daily to increase the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts for maximum collagen and elastin production; formulated to boost skin-cell renewal and stimulate cell metabolism. 

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Lynton skincare in 1883 magazine laser serum and spf 50

Skincare |

Skincare |

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"When my clients come into Clinic with pigmentation, sun damage or discolouration, I have no hesitation in prescribing the IllumiFacial. The results are so effective and visibly noticeable that it's by far my most popular treatment to perform. Clients love their clearer, fresher younger-looking complexion which also works on improving lines/wrinkles and texture of their skin".

Crystal Rose Skin Clinic


"I had my first illumiFacial with Ellie and it has had fab results already just after one treatment. My skin looks much more even, smooth and clean even in this cold weather when usually my skin gets red, blotchy and congested. Ellie is a fantastic therapist and truly makes you feel important and at home in her beautiful new treatment space. I can't wait for my next session and especially can't wait to have amazing skin for Christmas! I thoroughly recommend this treatment and of course, Ellie, get it on your Wishlist from your loved ones!".

The Little Laser Clinic


"The Light protect is an excellent product that clients love. In fact, all of the Lynton products are very effective. The cleanser is gentle while still giving a good cleanse".

Royal Victoria Infirmary


"Fantastic skincare that can be used on its own or alongside the " illumiFacial " to give your skin the natural filter and care it deserves".
Inside Out Laser Clinic Review
Inside Out Laser Clinic


"I love working with this range, it’s fantastic and my clients love it!”

Nicole Noonan - Senior Independent Beauty Consultant


"LIGHT PROTECT is light on the skin, not greasy, it’s not just a sun block it’s a really good moisturiser! It smells good and isn’t heavy perfumed for my delicate skin.”
NHS Sunscreen suncream Lynton Lightprotect
NHS Rosacea Patient